100 Plus Series Console

The 100 plus series console is a small, simple to use, preset lighting control desk that also has a theatrical cue stack of 99 memories. It can be operated in 24 channel single scene mode or 12 channel two scene mode. In single scene mode multiple scenes can be set with the Hold feature. The console also has the ability to run a single effect.

200 Plus Series Console

The 200 plus series consoles are the latest in a long line of enhanced manual lighting desks from Philips Strand Lighting. The consoles feature Ethernet and DMX ports as well as a video display port for users needing more information than is provided by the on panel LCD display. Easy to set up and use the 200 plus series consoles are ideal for any application that needs manual and memory control.

250ML Lighting Control Console

This is the perfect desk to introduce you to the world of intelligent fixture control. Built for entry level operation and small to medium sized theatres, the Strand Lighting 250ML console gives you a simple interface, great features and an even better price.

301 Series Console

The 301 Series console is a multi-function control system that can be used as a Back Up, Timed Event Controller or Manual Console. Features 12 channel manual control with DMX patch and 12 faders with master and page controls.

500ML Lighting Control Console

Designed to operate dimmers, LED fixtures, and moving lights, the 500ML console is ideal for live events and smaller shows. Fast to set up, the 500ML console is equipped with an on-board 8 inch TFT Color touchscreen. If required, one optional external DVI touch monitor may also be connected to give even more control.

Accent DMX

Designed for the European and Asian markets, Accent DMX stations are simple to use and operate. Each station supports up to 48 DMX dimmers. Room 1 has dimmers 1-48, room 2 has dimmers for 49-96 and each additional room increments in blocks of 48 to a maximum of 8 rooms. Room selection is via dipswitch on the back of each station.

Auxiliary Control Panel 120V

The auxiliary control panel has been developed to compliment and complete the design of any control system. The rugged enclosure with locking door will stand up to the most rugged installations and included a locking door. The enclosure features dimmable worklights and a fully featured clock with timer functions.

Basic Palette II

There's so much that's new with Palette. And so much that you already know. Clean, elegant, and very, very powerful, classic Palette is a thoroughbred. Starting with 250 channels (upgradeable to 8,000 channels), a single playback and 16 submasters, basicPalette will eat up complex shows, easily – elegantly.

Classic Palette II

There's so much that's new with Palette. And so much that you already know.

Clean, elegant, and very, very powerful, classic Palette II is a thoroughbred. Starting at 250 channels, classic Palette II can be expanded to 8,000 channels. And with two playbacks and 32 submasters, classic Palette II will eat up complex shows, easily - elegantly.

DMX Merge Controller

The DMX Merge Controller is designed to merge two DMX512 sources into one output. Built in a single rack space unit, the DMX Merge Controller features DMX512 connector on the front and rear panels and a user definable DMX Merge with Pile on, HTP or back ups options. Universal 120-240 volt power supply included.

DMX512 Networking Nodes

Philips Strand Lighting is proud to introduce the next generation of DMX512 networking nodes. Following on the heels of the N21 ShowNet nodes, the DMX512 Networking nodes expand the formats supported to include sACN, Art-Net, RDM, ShowNet, Vision.net and more.

Emergency DMX Bypass Switch

Philips Strand Lighting’s Emergency DMX Bypass Switch provides Emergency and Panic Lighting control solutions for DMX driven house lights and DMX controlled lighting used in emergency and egress lighting. Each Bypass unit can handle up to four (4) individual universes of DMX and can also act as a DMX splitter handling 1 in 4 out or 2 in 2 out routing scenarios. Bypass handles more than just Emergency and has separate triggers for Panic situations as well.

Light Palette Classic

Classic Light Palette delivers power in a traditional console with two timed split crossfaders and 12 combination submaster/ playback faders. Four rotary encoders and a built in touchpad along with sophisticated onscreen controls provide powerful moving light control like you have never seen before. Our industry standard Light Palette command line is built into every Light Palette console providing the intuitive interface you have come to expect from Strand Lighting.

Light Palette Live

Our Live performance console has 48 powerful submaster faders for exceptional hands on control. Whether you are programming a television production or running live events on a regular basis complete control is at your finger tips. Light Palette Live offers ten pages of submaster assignments along with 12 playback faders for multiple cue stacks for quick access to all aspects of your show.

Light Palette VL

Building on Classic Palette, the Light Palette VL is our advanced moving light console. The Light Palette VL adds 24 submasters and a 100 key direct action keypad. The direct action keypad speeds your production with direct selection of lights, positions, colors or any other attribute. Our abstract control model for automated lighting provides lighting control the way you design – pan 50 degrees, tilt 85 degrees, rotate gobo 3 are among the many commands available to you.

N21 ShowNet Nodes

Compact and flexible the N21 ShowNet DMX nodes provide cost effective network connectivity for facilities of all sizes. Each node features two or four DMX connectors that may dynamically be configured for input or output operation.

NEO Lighting Control Console

The introduction of the NEO lighting control console marks a new chapter in the evolution of control. This console allows the ability to seize light; to grab, move, change position, color and motivate the lighting design simply and effectively.


NEO PC allows all the same functionality from the powerful NEO software to output from your own PC whether you use the optional USB to DMX Cable or an existing DMX Ethernet network.

NEO Playback Controller

Adding to our NEO family of products is the NEO Playback Controller. This rack-mount device is designed to store and run preprogrammed shows using the same powerful NEO Lighting Control Console operating system software. The NEO Playback Controller can sit on a LAN or operate independently for theatre, themed entertainment productions and more.

Palette VL

There's so much that's new with Palette VL. And so much that you already know. The Palette VL family of consoles bridge between the clean simple operation of our regular Palette consoles with the control and sophistication of our larger Light Palette VL consoles. Now you can have the power of conventional and moving light control in a value priced system. Palette VL features an integral trackball, moving light encoders and direct action attribute keys to extend the power of the Palette family of consoles. Available with 500 to 8000 channels, the new consoles now offer an optional second video display to present more information to console operators, including an advanced moving light control screen.


Expanding on our award winning Palette consoles, PalettePC lighting control brings advanced theatrical control to the personal computer. Now you have the power of conventional and moving light control available directly on your PC. Available with either 250 or 500 channels, PalettePC lighting control offers you every feature available on any Palette or LightPalette control desk in a simple to use graphical interface.

Pocket Palette Wireless Remote

The Strand Wireless Focus remotes provide full graphical connectivity to all PaletteOS based control consoles. Each wireless remote also offers connectivity to existing 300 and 500 series consoles with support for WiFi enabled on the desk.

Preset Palette II

Single-scene/two-scene is still the best starting point for a lighting control education, but these preset boards are a far cry from the one your daddy learned on! With 32/64 or 48/96 single/two-scene operation, presetPalette hasn't even broken a sweat! These consoles are full capable memory desks with unlimited cueing capabilities and up to 8,000 channels of control. When students are familiar with preset operation, there is literally no limit to what they can learn from the power and intelligence of PaletteOS operating system.

Rack Palette

Our new Rack Mount console for show control and tracking backup operation provides users with powerful control and security for any application.

Strand System Builder

Strand System Builder is a lighting controls design software tool that facilitates design, and specification of Strand Lighting control and dimming products.  System Builder is a free download.


Vision.net 4.5 is a fully integrated lighting management system designed to meet the most demanding lighting environments. Scalable from a single room to large multi-building campuses, our decentralized control approach delivers unparalleled flexibility and maximum reliability.

For more information on Philips Selecon products, visit www.seleconlight.com.
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