Phillips Strand Lighing: Controls
230V Markets Only

Designed for the European and Asian markets, Accent DMX stations are simple to use and operate. Each station supports up to 48 DMX dimmers. Room 1 has dimmers 1-48, room 2 has dimmers for 49-96 and each additional room increments in blocks of 48 to a maximum of 8 rooms. Room selection is via dipswitch on the back of each station. A21, Wall Rack, and C21/EC21 racks support DMX patching allowing the creation of smaller rooms using their integrated Mux patch functionality.

Each station has a built in IR port for use with the included IR remote programmer. The programmer allows the operator to record, modify and playback presets on each station. Designed to fit in a single gang back box these stations provide a clean simple to use control interface. Presets can be selected at the touch of a button and the integrated raise lower keys allow the operator to master an entire preset proportionally.

Product Features
  • Available in European and Asian markets
  • Two, Four and Eight Preset ControlStations with individual preset fade times
  • Raise Lower Mastering
  • Up to 48 dimmers per room, up to 8 stations and 8 rooms per system
  • Room selection by dip switch selection on control station no special programming required
  • Compatible with all Strand Dimmer Racks
  • Wireless IR remote provided with each station for simple programming and remote preset access
  • Secure Fastener Free Faceplates
  • Secure digital control wiring system
  • Fits Standard 1 Gang Deep Masonry box
  • DMX Output

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