Signify Entertainment Lighting presented a broad selection of its most talked-about recent product introductions at an open day hosted by White Light, at its base in south-west London, on 12 October.


    One of a series of open days taking place across the UK during October and November, the White Light event aimed to provide lighting professionals in and around the capital with in-depth access to key products. Taking advantage of the high ceiling and white walls of White Light’s beautifully-equipped demo space, the Signify Entertainment team gave visitors a chance to take a close look at the features and performance characteristics of the latest luminaires.


    From the Vari-Lite range was the VL6000 BEAM, currently being spec’d for a number of major tours and TV shows. This was demo’d alongside the latest LED-based moving heads, the VLZ PROFILE and VLZ WASH, the latter with its internal framing system. Most attention, however, was drawn by the VL1100 LED.


    Other high-quality LED-based stage lighting innovations were shown in the Selecon range. These included the RAMA LED FRESNEL, the PL PROFILE1 MK11 and PL PROFILE4 MKII – all of which impressed with their quality of light output. Among the all-LED Showline series were the hybrid wash/spot/beam fixture the SL HYDRUS 350, the SL LEDSPOT and the SL BEAM 300FX, the latter drawing interest for its punchy output, its 4-40 degree zoom and its comprehensive effects capabilities.


    From the Strand range were three LED-based television lighting products, the 400F Fresnel, the 200F Fresnel and the slimline 300S LED studio softlight panel. Visitors were able to look inside the deceptively traditional-looking body of the 400F to see Signify Entertainment Lighting high-tech, water-cooled LED light engine.


    Last but not least was the NEO lighting control console running the latest v3.8 software, providing control of all the fixtures in the demo room. A number of visitors, as yet unfamiliar with this relatively new control platform, were able to get to grips with its powerful and accessible feature-set for the first time.

    White Light Open Day_Image 1 – Photo credits: the Fifth Estate Ltd
    White Light Open Day_Image 2 – Photo credits: the Fifth Estate Ltd
    White Light Open Day_Image 3 – Photo credits: the Fifth Estate Ltd