The Strand Acclaim LED Fresnel is a full color theatrical Fresnel wash fixture designed specifically for small to medium spaces. The Acclaim has set the standard in 500W/650W lighting for a generation, and this new LED version offers saturated stage color washes and dramatic highlighting capabilities thanks to the high quality, industry standard 4.75” front lens coupled with the engineering excellence that has set Strand apart for over a century.

    A true theatrical Fresnel, the Acclaim LED Fresnel offers superior control and light quality to comparable PAR fixtures. The adjustable 10° to 50° zoom provides manual adjustment with minimal light scatter, and the even, soft-edged beam easily blends with adjacent fixtures without hard edges to soften with frost filters or hot spots to smooth out in the beam. To shape the beam, users can add an optional rotating fourleaf barndoor that mounts on the front of the fixture and rotates around the axis for the perfect angle. The Acclaim LED Fresnel is available in black or white.