LEKO® LED PROFILE, Tunable Cold White



    The Strand Leko® LED Profile, Tunable Cold White (TCW) is the modern successor to the iconic Strand Leko that inspired generations of designers. The Tunable Cold White profile luminaire offers an adjustable color temperature of 4000K to 7000K, with a consistent CRI exceeding >94 CRI across the range. The Leko LED Profile is also available in a full color (RGBALC) and tunable warm white (2700K to 4500K).


    In addition to the innovative color control, the Strand Leko LED utilizes SmartFan Control technology, ensuring these high-powered LED fixtures are suitable for use in the quietists of applications. To simplify installations, the Leko LED uses the SPX Smart Gate found on legacy SPX and PL4 fixtures and is compatible with Strand’s full range of lens tubes. An optional universal lens tube is also available for use with legacy Strand LEKO lens tubes and other common lens systems.


    The LEKO LED Profile is compatible with our range of fixed and zoom lens tubes.


    • High output midsized LED Profile with fully rotating gates and lockable blade positioning - modern theatrical profile with quality you can trust.
    • Full Color, Warm White, and Cool White Versions with Consistent High CRI - perfect fixture for any application.
    • High CRI RGBALC Color System with SmartColor Control - wide range of vivid color options that can be programmed using CYM
    • Tunable white with >94 CRI - adjust color temperature of warm or cold white fixtures without compromising output or quality of light
    • Independent color mixing and temperature controls - match color pallet to color temperature without manual adjustment for simpler programming
    • Strand SPX Smart Gate lens system with optional universal lens tube - use existing SPX lens tubes, legacy LEKO lens tubes, or other common lens systems
    • Quiet operation with variable fan control (Standard, Studio, and Whisper) - perfect for use in quiet environments
    • Adjustable frequency to exceed camera frame rates - camera friendly fixtures for IMAG, event recordings, or TV & film applications.

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