Optically versatile, the Strand Selecon SPX ELLIPSOIDAL can be transformed with a myriad of lens tubes and utilized in various large and small stage applications.


    Its user-friendly operation and integral safety features make this a great performer.


    The SPX Ellipsoidal  is compatible with our range of fixed and zoom lens tubes.


    • Up to 27% more efficient than current industry benchmark units.
    • Fully adjustable beam distribution from flat to true peak field.
    • Seven optical systems: 15-35° and 25-50° zoomspots; 14°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° fixed beams.
    • Interchangeable lens tubes which can be ordered separately.
    • Designed to manage the power and heat from high output tungsten halogen 800W sources.
    • More light and high contrast pattern projections - fully adjustable beam distribution from peak (3:1) to flat (2:1) using intuitive adjustment solutions.sition.
    • Precise positioning with rigid molded yoke, shutter clamp lock, and reference scales on tilt, lens and lens tube angle settings.
    • Compartmental heat management system exhausts the heat away from the critical lamp socket and cabling to minimise heat damage.
    • Minimal light spill with enclosed front color frame / accessory holder.
    • Dual accessory slots for simultaneous use of ‘B’ size gate patterns, rotators and irises.
    • 360° barrel rotation.
    • Mains isolation via micro-switch for maximum safety while re-lamping.

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