The Strand Vision.Net 4-Port DMX Interface Gateway Module is a DIN rail-mountable expansion module for the Vision.Net Gateway that allows user to control DMX/RDM-controlled luminaires from Vision.Net.


    The DMX Module connects to the Gateway via the integrated ‘Gateway BUS', offering integrated power and data for expansion modules. The DMX Module adds four independent, bi-directional DMX/RDM ports to the Gateway, allowing users to convert between hardwired DMX/RDM and DMX-over-Ethernet protocols such as sACN, Art-Net, and Shownet.


    In a larger system configuration, which could contain multiple lighting consoles and a Vision.Net control system, the Gateway manages universe-level DMX/RDM traffic on each of the four ports of the DMX Interface Module. To ease traffic coordination each port is assigned a field-configurable table in the Gateway with eight layers of prioritization so that primary, backup, remote controllers, and architectural control can be used simultaneously.