Philips Strand Lighting Introduces the 500ML Lighting Control Console
After a successful debut at LDI 2015, the intelligent, new console is now available worldwide
Friday, October 30, 2015
by Philips Strand Lighting

Designed for easy control of LED fixtures and automated luminaires, Philips Strand Lighting is proud to introduce the new 500ML lighting control console. With its ability to give lighting designers and technicians an intelligent way to create and play back exceptional lighting designs, the 500ML is now available through the Philips Strand Lighting Dealer and Factory Representative network worldwide.

“We are very excited to continue building our line of intelligent lighting control consoles with the introduction of the new 500ML,” said Bobby Harrell, Philips Strand Lighting Product Specialist. “Debuting the console to the North American market at LDI, we received a tremendous response from the designers, dealers and technicians who had the opportunity to operate the console in our interactive displays. Understanding the breadth of its full potential, we are confident that the 500ML will soon solidify its position in the live event and touring production industry.”

The 500ML lighting control console has an 8-inch TFT color touchscreen for fast set up with 119 backlit command buttons to aid in the ease of use. The console also has two DMX Out Ports with the ability to control four DMX Universes. Additionally, the console is complete with four Rotary Encoders, a Level Wheel, LCD Fader Bank Information Screens, and 24 Faders which may be used as Masters, Submasters or Playbacks.

For easy programming operation, the 500ML uses industry-standard methods of control so that professional and casual programmers alike may utilize up to 500 fixtures, 500 groups, 500 presets, and 500 cue lists of 500 cues each in their lighting designs. Equipped with Play, Pause/Reverse, and Bump buttons, cue stacks may also be quickly triggered for busking operation.

For more information on the new 500ML lighting control console from Philips Strand Lighting please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

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