The Show Must Go On
DWR installs Strand Lighting dimming and control system at The Durban Playhouse
Friday, October 21, 2011 4:00 am
by Philips

Left to Right: - Bruce Riley, Dan Riley and Dylan Heaton

““When I first looked at The Durban Playhouse project that we’d won, I had to wonder if we would actually complete it,” began Dan Riley, Head of Sales for DWR, Philips Distributor in South Africa. “It was a major job and the client had put in clauses stating that the theatre could not close and that shows must go on as normal. A tall order given DWR had been commissioned to change all the dimmers in the building. However I’m delighted to say that we did it, on time and on budget.”

To complete the installation, Bruce Riley headed up a DWR team that included J.C. Du Plessis, Gedeon Mpofu and Michael van Dyk. “The project was comprised of 11 Philips Strand Lighting EC 21 96-way dimmer racks with full reporting capabilities,” explained Bruce. “Six were installed in the Opera Theatre, four in the Drama Theatre and one in the Loft Theatre. The dimmer installation is also fully networked with reporting in each control room, ensuring the board operator is alerted in real time if there are errors or problems in the rig.”

In addition, the existing house lighting was converted to an integrated, building wide, central networking system using from Philips Strand Lighting. The system also features two linked central processors; one for the house lights and the other for the foyer lights.

“It’s quite amazing how Bruce and his team did it,” Dan Riley added. “Initially there were going to be three separate lighting systems, but now the entire network can also be controlled from any point in the building.”

Bruce continued, “This project could not have run as smoothly as it did without Playhouse Technician Dylan Heaton who helped us with everything. Plus, Technical Manager Le Rien Stoffberg, Lighting Manager Richard Parker, Support Services Manager Oscar Hlangu, Head of Maintenance Peter Gorman, and Engineer Malcolm Gray were all incredibly accommodating.”

Stoffberg commented, “I’ve worked with the Bruce and Dan Riley for a long time and the DWR team was amazing on this installation. They all worked incredibly hard. For me, it’s as much about the after sales service we get as it is about the products and that’s where DWR really steps up to the plate.”

Dan Riley concluded, “DWR values our relationship with The Playhouse Company and it was an honor to be able to supply them with a quality dimming and control system from Philips Strand Lighting.”

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