Philips Entertainment Creates Green Creativity at Strathallan School
Thursday, June 13, 2013
by Philips Selecon

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Scotland's prestigious Strathallan School has invested in LED luminaires and controls from Philips Selecon and Philips Strand Lighting in a major upgrade to its theatre lighting facilities. The Perthshire school chose to purchase Philips Selecon's PLFresnel1 LED, PLProfile1 LED, and PLCyc LED luminaires to dramatically reduce power consumption and costs while providing an easy-to-use yet creative, professional option for students. For control, they invested in Philips Strand Lighting's new 250ML lighting control console which is ideal for smaller productions with a hybrid of lighting instruments.  Black Light supplied all of the Philips Selecon and Philips Strand Lighting equipment.

"The school originally approached Black Light to update and tidy its theatre's existing dimmer and tungsten installation, but it soon became obvious that they wanted to make a more fundamental change to the theatre's lighting," says Black Light's Managing Director Gavin Stewart. "We discussed a selection of revamp options from a simple upgrade to a complete LED install. The potential cost savings swung the school over to Philips Selecon's LED option because it ticked a number of other important boxes for the school. It would use less power, be more flexible, offer a vastly more exciting experience than conventional luminaries and deliver real environmental advantages. Black Light worked closely with Philips to ensure Strathallan School received the best possible solution."

Strathallan School's Performing Arts Coordinator Mary Robertson-Barnett comments "The installation has given us great flexibility in terms of color effects that may be achieved. Scrolling through the spectrum allows for gradations of color and a fineness of resolution and blending which we were not achieving with traditional gels. The quality of the light is beautiful with a clarity and purity which is markedly different from our old tungsten lights. The lights remain cool during operation which has improved the performance experience for our pupils. The reduction in electrical consumption achieved through LED is in line with the School's commitment to reduce power usage and its standing as an eco-school."

The first production to be lit was "Into the Woods" which was the senior school musical. The junior musical "High School Musical 2" will also benefit from the new lighting and controls and there have been a number of informal concerts and lectures.

"Students who have benefited from the installation so far have been excited by the potential it affords them," continues Mrs. Robertson-Barnett. "The performers are enjoying the quality of light and the reduced temperatures on stage and those involved on the technical side are starting to explore the range of possibilities the lights give them in terms of effects and color blending."

The Philips Strand Lighting's 250ML moving light control console installed at the school features four encoders and an LCD display screen for quick and easy automated lighting and LED control. Along with all the standard features found on a preset desk, the 250ML control console is ideal for smaller productions with a hybrid of lighting instruments.

"The 250ML is already proving itself to be an ideal lighting control solution for schools and colleges, multi purpose venues and smaller theatres," confirms Amber Tomlin, key account manager for Philips Entertainment UK. "We had a great response from customers and end users in Frankfurt and PLASA Focus and we're excited for the future."

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