Philips Selecon PL LED range is focus of future lighting at Youth Theatre seminar
Monday, June 23, 2014
by Philips Entertainment

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The next generation of South African theatre lighting designers have got hands on with Philips Selecon's industry-leading PL range of LED luminaires as part of a two-day seminar focusing on the future of LED technology at The Savoy Theatre in Adcockvale.

Dave Whitehouse of Philips Selecon dealer DWR Distribution used Philips Selecon PLcyc1, PLfresnel1, PLprofile1 and PLprofile4 luminaires to demonstrate the advantages of Selecon's latest LED technology for modern theatre lighting design. Attendees were aged between 15-25 and part of The Performing Arts Network of South Africa's (PANSA) Youth Theatre Project in the Eastern Cape province. Whitehouse was joined by David Limbert, Production Manager at AV company Magnetic Storm, for the seminar. Together, they demonstrated to the potential new generation of lighting designers the innovative Philips Selecon LED luminaires.

"All the attendees were incredibly enthusiastic about seeing the fantastic Philips Selecon luminaires in action, which was truly inspiring," says Dave Whitehouse. "They really soaked up a lot of technical information about LED technology, and were amazed at what could be achieved with the Philips Selecon luminaires. In particular, attendees were excited by the fact that Selecon LED technology alleviates the need for filters for color changing and make controlling multiple beams extremely easy."

The Philips Selecon PLprofile1 and PLprofile4 LED luminaires mitigate the need to change lamps or color filters and have an incredibly easy-to-use interface which made the luminaires all the more accessible to the excited young audience.

The attendees also learnt how the Philips Selecon PLfresnel1 LED luminaires use a combination of LED source technology combined with a traditional Fresnel lens to deliver industry benchmark quality without the compromising performance of spreader lenses. The PLfresnel1 was also an ideal reference point for those attendees interested in theatrical lighting, as it is a luminaire perfectly suited to the theatre environment, producing an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge which is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination.

To demonstrate the broad range of Selecon technology, Whitehouse and Limbert also exhibited the PLcyc1 LED luminaire, which combines the use of LED source technology with a properly shaped asymmetrical reflector to deliver consistent light distribution. In addition, each luminaire can replace the equivalent of a traditional four color 1000W per circuit cyc luminaire and with the convenient powercon power system, the PLcyc1 can light a typical cyclorama with a single 10A non-dim circuit.

On the future of Selecon LED technology, Whitehouse comments: "The Philips Selecon range is really taking off in South Africa. We have sold the Philips Selecon PLcyc1 LED luminaire to such theatres as The Johannesburg Civic Theatre, The Lyric and the Welkom Ernest Oppenheimer Theatre. Other customers very happy with their Philips Selecon LED purchases are Red Pepper studios and The Venue Melrose Arch amongst others."

The PANSA Youth Theatre Project puts on an extensive calendar of exciting workshops and aims to support youth development and create awareness, training young people in the various aspects and disciplines in the performing arts.

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