Philips Selecon provides color changing solution for Rapenburg Plaza and the National Military Museum
Tuesday, March 3, 2015
by Philips Entertainment

King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands has opened a prestigious new cultural and historical institution at The Netherlands' former Soesterberg air base. The National Military Museum (NMM) is the largest of its kind in Europe and displays the significance of The Netherlands' armed forces in the past, present and future, with an array of Philips Selecon luminaires lighting the majority of the exhibits.

Amsterdam-based agency Rapenburg Plaza was in charge of the lighting design, AV and control systems for the entire Museum, choosing 42 PLcyc1, 12 PLprofile1 and 269 PLfresnel1 LED luminaires for key lighting in six of the museum's themed halls.

"The concept for the space is that each of the halls are interactive and follow a storyline," says lighting designer and Rapenburg Plaza partner Pelle Herfst. "We selected Selecon fixtures as excellent tools to achieve this. The DMX-controlled color changing possibilities meant we were able to create a wide range of ambiences for the different thematic spaces. I am also very impressed by the optics of the PLprofile1."

The NMM is a specifically designed building by architects Felix Claus Dick van Wageningen with a floor area of 35,000 square-meters and an overall height of 17 meters. Rapenburg Plaza designed sophisticated technical lighting bridges installed in the high ceilings for access to lighting and AV equipment for maintenance as well as long distance cable runs and multiple server rooms. As visitors wander through the space they experience real life soldier stories, live action demonstrations and numerous awe-inspiring historical images, artifacts, large objects such as tanks and aircraft, carefully illuminated by the energy efficient and intelligent Selecon luminaires.&nbsp

"All the Selecon luminaires are currently working really well with no issues," concludes Herfst.

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Photographer: Jeffrey Steenbergen

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