Philips Strand Lighting Introduces New Consoles and LED Luminaires at LDI 2015
NEO Wings and Playback Controller, 500ML lighting console, and PL Series Mark II LED luminaires all together in Booth 1516
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
by Philips Strand Lighting

At LDI 2015 in booth 1516, Philips Strand Lighting announces that they will be introducing a number of new lighting and control products to the entertainment lighting industry. Beginning with the NEO Submaster and Playback Wings, along with the NEO Playback Controller, Strand Lighting will also debut the 500ML lighting control console and the Philips Selecon PL Series Mark II LED luminaires.

“Looking at all the new products that will be on display in the Philips Strand Lighting booth, it is easy to say that LDI 2015 will be one of our most impactful shows in recent history,” said Julie Smith, General Manager of the Americas. “While all of these lighting solutions have unique characteristics of their own, together they strengthen the full breadth of the Strand Lighting product line and allow us to even better serve our clientele.”

The Philips Strand Lighting NEO Submaster Wing adds 20 non-motorized faders in a 2 x 10 configuration, and the Playback Wing adds 10 motorized faders and five multi-function faders. The NEO wings have 5 color screens that identify the Submasters or Playback’s identities, plus allow for USB connectivity to a NEO console and USB communication daisy-chaining between each wing. Three wings may be connected to a NEO console and power input/output connections can be powered via the console or an optional power supply. Additionally, the NEO Playback Wing adds an extraordinary new feature called Group Masters which allows the use of Groups to be automatically assigned to each Playback Fader. Once assigned, it becomes unnecessary to use Command Line Operation to adjust the level of the Group; and as the first console to remember “how” a cue was written, Group Master levels are remembered during playback making it easy to edit cues.

The NEO Playback Controller from Philips Strand Lighting is a rack-mount device designed to store and run preprogrammed shows using the powerful NEO lighting control operating system software. The Playback Controller can sit on a LAN or operate independently with the ability to control up to 100 universes of DMX. The touchscreen interface has multiple tabs to view, playback and configure the controller with unlimited cues, cue lists, groups, palettes, effects, and macros. Along with its ability to control timed events with sunrise/sunset, the Playback Controller also offers pixel mapping, magic sheet layouts, blind pre-visualization and much more. With the NEO Playback Controller, Strand Lighting has also added bi-directional communication between the NEO OS and so that NEO can now understand and communicate with Presets, Sliders and Toggles.
Designed for easy control of LED fixtures and moving lights, the Strand Lighting 500ML lighting control console has an 8-inch TFT color touchscreen for fast set up with backlit command buttons to aid in the ease of use. The console also has one external DVI port to add a touch monitor for even more control. In addition, the 500ML console has 24 faders and each may be used as either a Master, Submaster, or Playback. Equipped with backlit Play, Pause/Reverse, and Bump buttons the console allows cue stacks to be triggered as required for busking operation, and the user interface is quick to understand for both the professional or casual lighting programmer alike. With a robust construction, the 500ML console provides a smart way to create and play back great lighting for all your important lighting events.
The Philips Selecon PL Series Mark II LED luminaires utilize a proprietary Philips technology that offers a 50,000 hour LED lamp life, infinite color choices from the RGBW engine, plus a fully homogenized mixed color output with no color shadows. With a single LED array, the PL Series Mark II luminaires create superior color consistency from fixture-to-fixture and are now available in Profile, Fresnel and Cyc models. All models are also complete with RDM capabilities as well as remote fixture setup for device settings.

The PLPROFILE1 MKII LED luminaire is a variable beam profile with precise beam control and pattern projection from a high output beam using only 140 Watts. An innovative combination of LED source technology and precision optical design, the PLPROFILE1 MKII is available in 18-34 or 24-44 degree beam angles while offering the performance of a 500 Watt profile fixture.

The PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED luminaire is a general purpose lighting fixture for theatre, small studio, and display lighting applications that produces an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge which is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination. Available with a 15-54 variable beam angle, the PLFRESNEL1 MKII delivers the performance of a 500 Watt fresnel fixture with a power consumption of only 140 Watts.

The PLCYC1 MKII LED luminaire delivers smooth, even cyc lighting in a compact lightweight design using only 140 Watts to illuminate drops up to 16 feet high with 4-foot spacing centers. Each PLCYC1 MKII can replace the equivalent of a traditional 4-color, 500 Watt cyc luminaire.

Philips Strand Lighting and Philips Selecon offer the world's most comprehensive and competitive range of luminaires, dimming equipment, control systems and software to answer the creative needs of lighting designers working in theatre, television, film, themed environments and sophisticated architectural applications. To find out more about Philips Strand Lighting Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, or Watch us on YouTube.

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