PL Series MKII LED luminaires make touring debut on "Land of Our Fathers"
Thursday, November 5, 2015
by Philips Strand Lighting

Chris Urch's critically-acclaimed and award-winning play Land of Our Fathers has embarked on a new run, with international lighting designer Hartley T A Kemp employing the recently launched Philips Selecon PL Series MKII range for crucial colorizing throughout the performance.

Described by The Stage as a "breathtaking masterpiece", Land of Our Fathers focuses on a group of Welsh miners trapped underground as Margaret Thatcher is elected. Kemp specified five PLPROFILE1 MKII and two PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED luminaires, using them to provide an underlay of saturated color to the various lighting states.

"We wanted to create a gritty, oppressive world, which becomes more heightened as the piece develops," explains Kemp. "The PLPROFILE1 MKII LED units were used to suggest light glistening off wet rocks, to help convey emotion especially during some of the more hyper-real sequences, and to add color when needed."

The PL Series MKII range offers improved color consistency with infinite color choices from the RGBW engine, plus a fully homogenized mixed color output with no color shadows.

"The color rendering of the PL Series MKII luminaires is even better than before and the lack of fringing on the beam is impressive. The brightness is also good even with saturated color," continues Kemp.

To intensify the feeling of claustrophobia, the set is closed in with side walls and a roof structure. The two PLFRESNEL1 units provide back and side light though the USL doorway, the only stage entrance and exit. Three PLPROFILE1 units are applied as low front system cover with two PLPROFILE1 profiles as low front of house booms at just above head height.

"The reduced noise output of the PL Series MKII luminaires is good given the close proximity of the front of house units to members of the audience," adds associate lighting designer Chris May. "The LED units also bring great benefits in terms of reduced power consumption."

Land of Our Fathers is produced by Tara Finney Productions, Theatre503 and Wales Millennium Centre.

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Photo Credit: Polly Thomas

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