Phillips Strand Lighing: Controls

The auxiliary control panel has been developed to compliment and complete the design of any control system. The rugged enclosure with locking door will stand up to the most rugged installations and included a locking door. The enclosure features dimmable worklights and a fully featured clock with timer functions.

Product Features
  • Built in dimmable operating lights
  • 301 Back up console with Timed Event mode, 144 Cue back up mode and Manual operation with 512 dimmer patch
  • Available with optional Architectural Control Station with Faders and Presets for Houselight and Worklight control with keyed lockout
  • Digital clock with stop watch functions
  • DMX Console input connector
  • Locking Door with Plexiglas insert
  • Simple to install and locate in any production facility
  • Standard 3U 19" for rack mount
  • Blank Panel for use by Audio/Intercom contractor

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