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Philips Strand Lighting’s Emergency DMX Bypass Switch provides Emergency and Panic Lighting control solutions for DMX driven house lights and DMX controlled lighting used in emergency and egress lighting. Each Bypass unit can handle up to four (4) individual universes of DMX and can also act as a DMX splitter handling 1 in 4 out or 2 in 2 out routing scenarios. Bypass handles more than just Emergency and has separate triggers for Panic situations as well.

Each state – Panic or Emergency, can be set to trigger “snap shot” loads or can be set to drive all loads on each DMX path to 100%. Each state (Panic or Emergency) can be triggered via normally open, normally closed dry contacts, or from a 12VDC signal. Once the State is returned to Normal Bypass will also return loads to the DMX controller in a very smart fashion.

Return states can be timed at 1 minute, 10 minutes, or can be set to return under INTELLIGENT timing. INTELLIGENT timing will truncate the return to normal time when valid DMX inputs are sensed. This device is a simple affordable solution for all of your DMX Emergency and Panic systems needs.

Product Features
  • Accepts Up To Four (4) DMX Universes
  • Emergency Input
  • Panic Input
  • Integrated DMX Splitter with User-Selectable Operational Settings
  • Emergency and Panic Test Buttons
  • Durable, steel construction that easily mounts near lighting control panels or inside 19-inch racks
  • Reversible Ears for Rack or Wall Mounting
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

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