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clientuploads/Strand_Dev_Button.jpgExpanding on our award winning Palette consoles, PalettePC lighting control brings advanced theatrical control to the personal computer. Now you have the power of conventional and moving light control available directly on your PC. Available with either 250 or 500 channels, PalettePC lighting control offers you every feature available on any Palette or LightPalette control desk in a simple to use graphical interface.

Palette OSv10 User Manual | Palette OS Software Download Registration


Product Features
  • On screen Virtual Submasters with Unlimited Submaster Pages
  • One DMX ports with 512 outputs
  • Intelligent Fixture control via PC keyboard, trackpad and mouse
  • High-resolution Graphical User Interface
  • Unlimited cues, groups, subs and effects per show
  • Network support for a wide range of Ethernet data protocols including ShowNet, streaming ACN, ArtNet, Pathway and Color Kinetics networks
  • PaletteOS's Universal Attribute Control - Automated lighting control with the intelligent fixture library
  • Up to 26 part cues
  • Tracking, Cue Only or Preset operation
  • Wired and wireless focus remote options
  • Available with up to 500 channels
  • Unlimited effects playbacks
  • control interface for seamless interface between Entertainment and Architectural controls

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