Phillips Strand Lighing: Controls 4.5 is a fully integrated lighting management system designed to meet the most demanding lighting environments. Scalable from a single room to large multi-building campuses, our decentralized control approach delivers unparalleled flexibility and maximum reliability. 4.5 stations provide a wide range of touchscreen, button and slider stations. Any button can be programmed with a multitude of functions.clientuploads/VN45_TS_Prod_EMAIL.jpg

Designed to integrate with all Philips Entertainment dimming systems, low voltage switching cabinets, VARI*LITE automated luminaires, Selecon LED fixtures and Showline LED fixtures, 4.5 can control any lighting load with intuitive precision.

Version 4.5 is Now Available! Click to download new version.

Product Features
  • Next generation scalable architectural control from a single room to a multi-building campus
  • Scales from a single space up to 255 rooms in a single system. Large systems can be built by linking up to 1000 Areas with up to 255 Rooms each.
  • Distributed intelligence - no central processor required
  • Available with push button, slider and touchscreen panels
  • Simple computer-based set up and configuration with 4.5 designer software
  • Fully scalable to over 1,000 stations
  • Intuitive automated luminaire and LED fixture interface
  • Customizable fixture library to create your own fixtures
  • Occupancy sensors and photocells available
  • Designers can easily create rooms, room combinations and easily define stations and buttons
  • 4.5 designer provides a simple graphical set up and configuration system for original set up and updates as the needs of a facility changes
  • Low-cost Cat 5e wiring
  • Touchscreen systems provide connectivity to PaletteOS consoles and dimmer racks for system access and monitoring
  • Smart jacks allow portable stations to be customized for each room. One portable can be used in multiple spaces each with a unique configuration.
  • 127 channels per room
  • Unlimited dimmers per room with patching and DMX512 snapshot support
  • Astronomical time-clock and calendar-based events
  • Connects to C21, EC21, A21, R21 and Contact systems
  • 4.5 to DMX512 module available for DMX512 controlled devices

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