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Contact Relay Panels come in four panel sizes for 12, 24, 36 and 48 relay variants. Contact Relay Panels are ideal for a wide range of control and energy management applications. The system's integrated clock provides full astronomical time control for hundreds of events with full day-of-the-week and calendar scheduling. The integrated flash warn feature provides visual warning of any time clock control action.

Contact is easy to set up and configure with a simple walk-around interface for connecting control stations to relays, as well as a computer-based configuration for advanced installations

Product Features
  • Compact wall-mount relay panel
  • cCSAus Listed
  • Space for 12, 24, 36 or 48 relay poles per enclosure
  • Single and Double pole relays rated for 20 amps
  • 120, 277 and 347 volts
  • control station support
  • DMX Input
  • Optional ShowNet Ethernet
  • Astronomical clock provides flash – warning before shutdown
  • Local control of all relays from the face of the panel
  • Simple set up and operation with easy “walk-around configuration” or PC set-up
  • Master - Slave operation one rack processor can run up to 96 relays or dimmers
  • Cabinets may be linked to A21 dimmer racks to provide a fully integrated solution
  • Panels available for direct feed from breaker panels or with circuit breakers and mains feeds
  • Barriers available for systems fed from breaker panels to allow for 120/277 volt feeds

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