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230V Markets Only

Strand Lighting is pleased to introduce the next generation of our popular eS21 Dimmer Strips the eS21 LED raceway; a perfect extension of our EC21 range of installed dimmer cabinets. These modular raceways are assembled to order with your choice of any combination of 3 power modules.

Our IGBT dimmer module features an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor power device that works in tandem with a dedicated microprocessor to control almost any type of lighting load required. Our new relay module features two switched circuits each with a DMX output designed to power Rama and Pacific 80V halogen spotlights, our PL1 and PL3 LED luminaires or new VARI❋LITE VLX wash family of LED automated sources. Each relay can be individually controlled to “Power down” your rig when it is not in use. Our new quad LED driver module can be used to control and power our PL Wash or Color Kinetics Color Blast luminaires. The eS21 LED is designed to deliver control and power to your rig of conventional and LED sources as an easy to use and set up solution to the challenge of delivering power and control to a wide range of sources.

Product Features
  • Available to order with any combination of dual dimmer, dual relay, or Quad LED power supply modules
  • DMX512 I/O
  • Choice of 3 power input locations - top, bottom and back
  • Wide range of load connector options on power modules
  • Simple set up with back lit LCD display and easy button access. LCD blacks out when not in use. Full configuration and set up for low voltage LED luminaires from Selecon and Color Kinetics.
  • Quiet, convection cooled operation
  • Hangers available for wall and pipe mount applications
  • E Marked

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