NEO Console Software Installation Instructions

clientuploads/PDF_Download_Arrow.pngTo Install or Update NEO Console Software

In order to install the NEO software upgrade follow these simple instructions…

1. Download the upgrade file (file name example: Neo_Setup_x_x_x_x.exe) from the Strand Lighting website.

2. Copy the software file onto a USB key.

3. Plug the USB key into the console.

4. On the console, open the Control Panel (More > Control Panel).


5. Go into the Maintenance environment and select “Update NEO Software”. The updater will look for the latest version of the software both on the hard drive first and then any USB key. Confirm that it is the right version. If not, then copy the correct version onto the hard drive before proceeding.

6. On the console, the User Account Control dialogue box will appear.

7. Confirm the program name is the correct version of software and click "Yes".

8. The NEO software installation screen will appear. Click "Next" and follow all prompts to install the software.


9.  In NEO v3.2.0.55 and up, during the update process you will see the following load screen, followed by a prompt to “Retry” or to “Cancel”. Select "Cancel" to proceed with the update.



10. The console will need to reboot to complete the installation.

Note, if you have not done so already, be sure to register to receive updates and product information notifications.  Click here to go to the NEO Console OS Sign Up page.


Have questions?  Need assistance?

Contact Strand Lighting Customer Service at: 1-800-4STRAND (North America) or 1-214-647-7880 (international). For a complete list of support and field service contacts, click here.

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